Depression Glass Value Guide

Depression Glass is a term broadly applied to the inexpensive pattern glassware produced by about 20 different companies primarily from the 1920s through the 1940s. The patterning on Depression Glass is often quite rich and there is a wide variety of colors. These molded glass products were frequently of relatively poor quality compared to the art glass and higher end tableware of the day. Manufacturing flaws such as air bubbles and heavy mold marks are considered normal.

Akro Agate Orange/Pumpkin Flowerpot

Marbelized slag glass.
Manufactured ca 1936-1949.
3 3/8" tall.
Price $41

Akro Agate Oxblood Cigarette Holder

Marbelized slag glass.
Manufactured ca 1940s.
Price $150

Anchor Hocking Jadeite Fire King Mug

3 1/2" tall x 4" diameter.
Price $22

Anchor Hocking Green Manhattan Ice Tea Pitcher

7 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" diameter.
Base is embossed "Frigidaire Iced Tea Server"
Price $25

Anchor Hocking Pink Old Colony (Lace Edge) Vase

7" tall x 6" wide at top.
Manufactured ca. 1935-1938
Price $450

Federal Blue Madrid Butter Dish

6 1/4" tall
Manufactured ca. 1932-1939
Price $16.50

Federal Pink Madrid Cookie Jar

7 3/4" tall x 5 3/4" wide
Manufactured ca. 1932-1939
Price $20.00

Federal Green Sharon Cabbage Rose Ice Tea Tumbler

5 1/4" tall x 3" wide.
Manufactured ca. 1935-1939
Price $100

Fostoria Azure Versailles Pitcher

10" tall 48 oz
Manufactured ca. 1928-1939
Price $300

Hazel Atlas Green Royal Lace Cookie Jar

8" tall x 5" diameter.
Manufactured ca. 1934-1941
Price $50

Hocking Blue Mayfair Pitcher

8 3/8" tall x 7 1/2" diameter. 80 oz.
Manufactured ca. 1931-1937
Price $225

Hocking Pink Mayfair Ice Tea Tumbler

5 1/4" tall x 3" diameter.
Manufactured ca. 1931-1937
Price $40

Indiana Yellow Horseshoe Pitcher

8 1/2" tall 64oz.
Manufactured ca. 1930-33
Price $420

Indiana Yellow Pyramid Pitcher

8" tall x 6" wide at top.
Manufactured ca. 1926-32
Price $475

Jeannette Pink Adam Vase

7 1/2" tall x 4 3/4" wide
Manufactured ca. 1932-1934
Price $270

L.E. Smith Green Vaseline King Fish Centerpiece Bowl

7 1/2" tall x 15" long
Manufactured ca. 1930s
Price $325

Macbeth Evans Cobalt American Sweetheart Salad Plate

8" diameter.
Manufactured ca. 1930-1936
Price $200

Macbeth Evans Monax American Sweetheart Serving Bowl

8 3/4" across the top and a little over 3" high.
Manufactured ca. 1930-1936
Price $26

Macbeth Evans Cremax Petalware Pastel Band Cup

2 5/8" high and 3 5/8" across the top
Manufactured ca. 1930-1940
Price $51.50

Macbeth Evans Petalware Monax Primary Bands Creamer

3 1/2" tall and 3" across the top
Manufactured ca. 1930-1940
Price $7.00

McKee Jadeite Tea Cansister

3 1/2" tall x 5" diameter.
Price $215

U.S. Glass Black Flower Garden with Butterflies Bowl

Late 1920s
3 5/8" tall x 7" across.
Price $325

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